Language to Avoid In HIPAA Breach Notifications

NSA Shares Cybersecurity Guidance for COVID-19 Telework

Legions of Infosec Professionals volunteer to Protect Hospitals During COVID-19 Crisis

Great to see this.

AI Startups Are Winning the Cybersecurity Race

Artificial Intelligence Startups Are Winning the Cybersecurity Race

Googlian Malware Snares Access to 1 Million Google Accounts Well that’s nice.

What Trump’s Victory Means for Cybersecurity  

Cybersecurity M&A I expect to see more of this.  

Lack of security standards leaves election process vulnerable Sending extra people is old school. Hackers can electronically stuff the ballot box.

Fake Pokemon Go Apps – Download At Your Own Risk

Another fake Pokemon Go app is infecting players’ phones Most people minimize the risks of downloading insecure apps on to their phones. There seems to be the impression that the Google and Apple App Stores perform detailed due diligence with respect to security. Not true. Download at your own risk. If you’ve downloaded this app […]

Compliance doesn’t necessarily = Security Good article on the need for bolstering and updating some of the text in the HIPAA Security Rule. In 1996 when the HIPAA Security Rule was introduced, no legislator or citizen could conceive of ransomware, malware, and the vast multitude of computer viruses and the sheer number of threats that we face now in […]

What Skilled Cybersecurity Pros Want

What Skilled Cybersecurity Pros Want Thank you to Kevin for sending this article. No, this is not the sequel to “What Women Want”. The author describes what she aptly calls, the “Kevin Durant Effect”. She also makes the valid claim regarding the value of certifications as a sort of currency that cyber pros use to […]

St. Jude Medical Will Form a Cybersecurity Board After Heart Device Defect

St. Jude Medical Will Form a Cybersecurity Board After Heart Device Defect Medical-device maker St. Jude Medical said on Monday that it planned to set up a medical advisory board focused on cyber-security issues affecting patient care and safety. St. Jude said in a statement that the group, known as the Cyber Security Medical Advisory […]

Why Security Automation Is The Solution For Overworked Cyber-Security Staff

Why Security Automation Is The Solution For Overworked Cyber-Security Staff  

Cybersecurity Spending to Hit Over $100 Billion by 2020.

  Here’s How Much Businesses Worldwide Will Spend on Cybersecurity by 2020 Not sure how this number was calculated. However, I am sure the number will be big. A lot can happen within four years – machine learning apps, new technologies, etc.    

Martin Army Hospital warns patients of possible HIPAA breach

All patients who received care through the Martin Army Community Hospital healthcare system are being alerted that a possible HIPAA breach occurred at Fort Benning between January 2011 and December 2013.

Feds Focus on Multiple Facets of Security for National Cyber Security Awareness Month

FedTech is going to be highlighting federal agencies’ efforts to maintain and boost cybersecurity in October, but it’s been a hot topic of conversation in recent months.

OCR Continues to Strengthen HIPAA Enforcement Efforts

The new normal. The resolutions, settlements and the announced new initiative signal that OCR continues to strengthen its HIPAA enforcement efforts. Covered entities and business associates should take this opportunity to emphasize the risks of noncompliance within their organizations and ensure that they have robust HIPAA compliance programs that can withstand OCR’s ever-increasing scrutiny.

Care New England pays $400,000 HIPAA fine for lost PHI in business associate breach

The case, which also includes Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island, stems from lost backup tapes housing protected health information, the Office for Civil Rights said.

Nearly Half of Cloud-Based Malware Delivers Ransomware

Concerns over ransomware have grown considerably this year, and for good reason. A new study finds that nearly half of all cloud-based malware now delivers ransomware applications.

Meet Apache Spot – a new open source project for cybersecurity

Hard on the heels of the discovery of the largest known data breach in history, Cloudera and Intel on Wednesday announced that they’ve donated a new open-source project to the Apache Software Foundation with a focus on using big data analytics and machine learning for cybersecurity.